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Know the Benefits and Risks of Long Distance Running

Awareness of the importance of maintaining health makes long distance running activities more popular with urbanites. But keep in mind also, in addition to bringing benefits, there are health risks that lurk long-distance runners. One of them is the risk of injury. As with marathon running, before running long distances, you need to prepare for physical and mental health. Physical preparation, high discipline, and strong commitment are needed so that the benefits of long distance running can be obtained and its adverse effects can be avoided. Benefits of Long Distance Running There are various benefits that can be obtained from long distance running. Here are some of them: 1. Increase muscle strength One of the benefits of long distance running that can be obtained is increased muscle strength. This is because long distance running can affect the increase in the number and size of mitochondria, which are the center of the body's muscle power generation. 2. Burn body fat L
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What are the symptoms of septic shock and medical help

Septic shock is one of the emergency conditions caused by a sepsis condition, which is inflammation throughout the body due to infection. Sepsis shock is characterized by circulatory dysfunction due to ongoing infection. Septic shock requires prompt and appropriate medical attention. Therefore, you should be aware of the early symptoms of septic shock and the choice of medical help for this condition. Recognize the Symptoms of Septic Shock Shock is a condition of circulatory dysfunction to deliver nutrients and oxygen to tissues in the body. One type is septic shock. In septic shock this circulation disorder is caused by inflammation of the whole body as a complication of sepsis. Some of the symptoms of septic shock that you need to know include: Hypotension (low blood pressure) that is not successfully corrected by administering fluids Increased respiratory frequency (tachypnea) Restlessness and loss of consciousness High fever (body temperature> 38OC) Increased pulse r

7 Effective Ways to Whiten Teeth Naturally

Not a few people want to get a way to whiten teeth for beauty reasons. Having a row of clean white teeth can certainly support your appearance and smile. The following ways to whiten teeth naturally can be tried. Yellowish teeth or gray stains can occur with age. In addition, the intake of certain foods can also change the color of white teeth that you previously had. There are products that are sold freely to help whiten teeth, including toothpaste, gels, strips, and shiners. Some teeth whitening products use chemicals such as peroxide and acid, which are at risk of causing interference with certain dental conditions. Therefore, it is important to consult with your dentist before using it. Try How To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally There are several ways to whiten teeth naturally that can be done. The following are: Maintain cleanliness of teeth and mouth Brushing your teeth at least twice a day after eating is one simple way to whiten teeth. Brushing teeth will prevent the st